Discover the “Sober Living” way to Sustained Recovery

Find out what many have learned about recovery.  If you have been through treatment, or you're looking for a better plan, try one of our Recovery Residences. 


Over 200+ Successful Residents and Still Counting

A Stable Strategy

Recovery begins with affordable housing, a non-judgmental, kick-back, comfortable place to practice abstinent behavior and prepare for a life without relapse.  We call it the Stable Environment Model.

Community Based

We let community partners provide the services, not the home.  Your landlord is not your therapist.  We have separated those roles.  You have a say in your own treatment based on your personal needs and desires. 

Impact of Culture

House culture plays a major role in recovery.  The culture invites a belonging, an engagement with others providing the mutual support needed for success to take hold.  The result is long-lasting relationships and improved behaviors. 

What is this about?

We use our experience to create yours

We've been in the business a long time.  We have seen everything. One thing our experience tells us is that recovery is more about feeling hopeless than it is about hitting bottom.

Real recovery happens with connectedness, with solid employment, a few successes, and then by being able to clearly see your way out.

It's about what we can add to the lives of our residents and their families, such as new rules and rituals, safe and stable housing and employment, clean and sober friends, membership in a community of recovering people, and life meaning and purpose.  It all starts here within the Stable Environment model.  


Discover how we make a difference in your recovery

The Stable Environment Model invites change. Stressful under any circumstance, those in early recovery seem to have more difficulty. The house culture can help you learn to cope with change effectively and see how important it is to your life, sense of wellbeing, peace, and long-term recovery.

Change your environment

Hanging out in the same old places can be environmental triggers that lead to relapse. If there are triggers in your home or your community, it may be time for a move to safety.

Change your activities

Any work or recreational activity that may put you at risk must be removed from your life. Recovery is the most important thing right now.

Change your people

Friends, family, or associates who drink, abuse drugs, or engage in activities that pose triggers for you, need to be avoided, particularly for those in early recovery. Find new friends, sober people in the house, in support groups, and meetings.

Life change leads to behavior change. Together they help create freedom and space from substance misuse habits, replacing them with newer, stronger, and healthier ones. No matter what stage of recovery you are in, embrace the journey; it's time for a change!


Check what our clients say about us

I moved into Sober living after residential treatment. The accountability and safety of the stable environment has changed my life. Today I am the House President of this very house where I can mentor other men in recovery and help each other stay clean.

Matt D

The Parkway

Great place to get a solid foundation for your recovery and as a gateway for the life still ahead of you. Great people - Mike and Batista are great to work with, very understanding and willing to help you with whatever they can as long as you have recovery based goals in mind.

Seth F

the mission

This place has changed my entire life! I never want to leave! It is a place of safe recovery and responsible people just like me who are trying to change and better there lives! I’m very happy and overwhelmed with support from this house! It’s amazing here and I absolutely want to continue on the recovery path I’ve found from living here.

Taylor C

Serenity station

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